“Department of Education and Rajeev Vidya Mission under the chairmanship of the district collector, Karimnagar has engaged HAS SOFT Technologies Private Limited to implement a performance monitoring software across all government schools in the district of Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh. The project has been successfully implemented for the academic year 2012-13 and yielded better than expected results significantly improving quality of education and pass percentages of the students.
The software is web based under SaaS model and extremely user friendly with all the features required to successfully monitor and improve quality. The reporting dashboards through color coded combinations had been configured to identify low performing schools instantly and was very useful during our regular review meetings. The business intelligence module of the software enables multi dimensional text based and graphical representative reports to identify focus areas.HAS SOFT Technologies implementation and support teams are very professional and helped us implement within short period of time without any major issues.I would strongly recommend the use of software and services from HAS SOFT Technologies for any similar kind of large scale implementations.I wish the HAS SOFT Technologies management team a very best in their future endeavors.”
Smitha Sabharwal, Collector & District Magistrate, Karimnagar
“Campus management System software from Has Soft technologies is found to be very user friendly with rich features and easy accessibility. The support team is very quick and excellent in supporting our users,the team has definitely exceeded our expectations.I fully recommend HAS Soft technologies to any institute looking for similar software and services”
Sudha Kumar, Principal, IHMCT, Hyderabad, Telangana
“Divyanjali High school has been using software of HAS soft Technologies for the last two years. The software provided by HAS Soft technologies is very user friendly and has rich features enabling manage our organisation even more efficiently. With an excellent support team and easy accessibility, I amply recommend this software and HAS Soft Technologies for organisations looking for similar software.”
Sita Mahalakshmi, Principal, Divyanjali High School, Telangana
“Our organisation is using School management software of HAS Soft Technologies for last 2 years. The software is very user friendly, accessible from anywhere and is rich in features. The support team is extraordinary in supporting our users of the s/w. HAS soft technologies has definitely exceeded our expectations in providing software and services to our organisation. We have more satisfied parents since the implementation of the software.”
Srinivas Reddy, Correspondent, Cardinal Gracious High School, Telangana
“Our organisation has been using services of HAS Soft technologies for more than 2 yrs now. This software with its user friendly features and accessibility has improved the efficiency of the school management. HAS soft support team with its extra ordinary support services has definitely exceeded our expectations. I would fully recommend this company to any organisation looking for similar software and services.
Srinivas Reddy (gen. Secy, Appusma) Correspondent, Bharathi Vidya Bhavan High School, Telangana