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Product for Best Education System
The motive of Founders Ministries is to glorify Education,honor it's worth and strengthen it's base by providing encouragement to institutions in technical, theological, practical and logical studies.
the purpose, which is to encourage parents and organizations for best education system is the motive behind the product.--top
Calendar Management
Calendar manager provides capability to mark events with the level of priority.(High, Medium and Low)Users will also have the choice of flagging the events to be displayed in alert manager.
yearly calendar is designed to allow organizations to schedule organization related events at the begining of the year.
yearly calandar will be displayed to all parents, teachers, students and higher management.--top
School Diary
Students Diary is a powerful and widely used functionality of the application by all organizations.
Teachers will be able to send a 'mass' message for the entire class or can send message to any individual student through the student diary.
Parents are alerted either through SMS or Via email on the diary event to review.--top
Student Attendance
Student Attendance feature allows organization to collect attendance information either on a daily or weekly basis.
Organization will have the ability to record attendance based on the above two options for each student of the organization.
Attendance information will be displayed to teachers and parents through standard reporting.
Attendance can also be recorded through biometric machine and swiping cards.
Training sessions for the end users are driven by professionals and Business Analysts.--top
Parent Teacher Meeting
PTM is most effective means of scheduling communication between a parent and a teacher to review the performance of the student.
Teacher will have the ability to schedule a meeting with parent through this feature.
A automatic sms to parent mobile will be sent reminding him the date,time and subject of the meeting. --top
I-Mail feature enables communication between institution staff, parents and students.
I-I-Mail feature comes with standard mailing functionality.
Highly secure and very user friendly allows the organization to connect and communicate anytime.--top
Broadcast messaging is a powerful feature that allows the ability to communicate to parents, students and teachers via sms on very important occasions or urgent matters.
This feature has the capability to sms the recipients to their mobile numbers stored as part of the institution records.
This feature is mainly used to communicate important institution circulars, closure notifications due to emergencies.--top
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